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Evolution of the Fractal Audio AXE FX II

Every AXE FX II Firmware Comparison - Only from Silent Underground Studio

Every AXE FX II Firmware

Comparison Demo (Brit 800 Edition)

We put together the video above to demonstrate the various phases of evolution that just 1 AXE FX II amp block model has gone through in the past 6 years. From Firmware 1 to Firmware Quantum 7

(26 major firmware releases) Hear the sound differences in our comparison video!!

The settings used for each test were identical:

OD: T808 Mod w/ Gain 0 / Tone 5 / Level 10

AMP: Brit 800 w/ All controls at factory settings

CAB: 2 custom cabinet IRs based on Marshall 1960B.

We used the last released update (that we could find) of each firmware to avoid any potential bugs that might have existed in from initial releases**. We also didn't use any BETA versions.

**Except for Quantum 7, as it was only JUST released at the date of recording these demos.

Massive thanks to Mike "That Headband Guy" for recording the DI clips heard here.
He will be performing on all April 2017 #PresetADay daily demos

Image by Daniele Fantin

Download NOW

Get the custom Cabinet IR for the AXE FX II (and AX8) we created for this demo video.

Left Cab: Vin 30s mic'd with a 57 + 421

(plus room tone of both speakers via a R121)

Right Cab: Greenbacks mic'd with a 57 + 421
(plus room tone of both speakers via a R121)

Both cabs have been post processed to sound great right out of the gate using SSL Eqs and notch filtering to removed unwanted resonant buildups

Pan of cabs in the demo was around 75% L and R.

No other settings engaged in the CAB Block.

Silent Underground Studio

is an Official Fractal Audio Content Creation Partner

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