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Silent Underground Studio - Mixing Services Upload Preparation

How to prepare your files when using our Online Mixing Services.
Silent Underground Studio Online Mixing Services

Online Mixing Services

Upload Preperation



In our hectic modern lives, everyone is looking to save time and money. A brick and mortar recording studio can be expensive and may require physical time from your busy schedule.


Time that could be doing more important things...

Like writing your next song ;)

Online Mixing is a great choice for the modern musician that faces a lower cost budget for their production and limited time in the busy schedules to get the job done !

What File Formats do you except??


For Mixing and Mastering we accept .WAV files with samples rates from 44.1kHz to 192kHz and bit rates from 16 to 32.

Any reference tracks can be provided in MP3 format if easier.


Should I export at different sample rates to the original recording??


Please export your tracks at the same sample rate as they were recorded.


How should I export my tracks??


Please export ALL of your tracks as full-length individual tracks - not punch in and out sections.


Example;  if your song project is 2:44 long,  then ALL tracks - regardless of content - must be 2:44 in length. This ensures perfect time alignment when being loaded into the project.



Do you want my Insert FX turned On or Off ??


Please turn OFF ALL Channel Effects and EQ when exporting.

We will add our own FX and EQ as we mix.

If a specific effect is required - please feel free to export a duplicate track WITH the FX turned ON for our reference. Please name any reference tracks as "reference_instrument". Reference tracks do not count towards track count for pricing.

If you have a very specific crazy FX track in your project you can of course export as a stereo track to be used.


How do I organise my exported files for upload ??

Before organising any files PLEASE make sure you have named your tracks appropriately. It is not time efficient having to sift through 100s of generically named files to find tracks we need.


Having to do this will incur an additional fee.


Please name all files as: "Song Name - TrackName"
Examples - "Fade To Black - Kick In" / "Fade To Black - Snare Top"

Step 1.

Create a folder named "BandX - SongY"
Example - Metallica - Fade To Black

Step 2.

Add folders for Drums, Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Strings, Keys, FX, Reference, Notes, and Other. If you don't have some of those parts in your song, just leave out those folders.

Step 3.

Put all Drum tracks into the folder named "Drums". Put all Guitar tracks into the folder named "Guitars". Repeat until all the various instrument groups have been covered.

Step 4.

Add a simple txt document with any notes you might have to the "Notes" folder, and any reference tracks to want to supply to the "Reference" folder.


Step 5.

Once you have added all the parts to the correct folders simply compress to either a .ZIP or .RAR file and send the file via the FREE service we link you too, or your own Dropbox or Drive folders.


What if I have MIDI files??


If sending MIDI Drum and percussion tracks please also send an Audio Mixdown of each instrument in MP3 so we can double check our Drum Note templates are aligned with yours.


Please send ALL MIDI tracks with Tempo information embedded.

Various DAWs use various ways of doing this – please see your specific user Manual for details


Can I tell you about my song??


If there is any information you would like us to know about your song please feel free to add a simple note document to each folder before you compress to upload. The more we know the better we can process your songs.


This can include; the song Key, the song BPM, gear used to record, sample rates, your contact Info, links to other songs you would like us to use as references… Anything you feel is important !!



Where do I upload my songs to Silent Underground ??


After you contact us we will organise with you suitable pricing and dates we can fit your project in. Once your payments have been made we will provide you with our upload details if needed.

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