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Fractal Audio Systems AX8

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AX8 Amp Modeler/Multi-FX Processor


The new AX8 is an all-in-one Amp Modeler + Multi-Effects Pedalboard Processor. It features many of the same leading-edge technologies utilized in our flagship Axe-Fx II processor, now offered in a floor unit at a fantastic price. Quantum Amp Modeling gives the AX8 over 222 exquisitely modeled amps that recreate the incredible nuanced tone and feel of real tube amps: sparkling cleans, elusive “edge of breakup” tones, and everything from warm, touch-sensitive overdrive to face-melting distortion. Ultra-Res™ Speaker Simulations offer a range of cab tones, with 130+ “Factory” cabs, plus 512 “User Cab” memory slots to store entries from our celebrated Cab Packs. Add to this a stunning selection of effects utilizing our state-of-the-art algorithms: G3™ drive pedals, HD reverbs, compressors, delays, EQs, choruses, phasers, flangers, rotary, tremolos, pitch shifting, wah, and many more. Above all, the AX8 sounds great, with a pristine, high-quality signal path and the signal processing power that makes Fractal Audio Systems the industry standard for today’s most discriminating professional guitarists.

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About The AX8

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Features​ at a glance:


222 Amp Models

Quantum Amp Modeling

Ultra Res Speaker Simulation

130+ Factory Cabs

512 User Cab Memory Slots

512 Preset Memory Slots

"Scenes" Switching

G3 Drive Algorithms

HD Reverbs

"Built Like a Tank"

Steel Chassis / Aircraft Aluminum panels

Solid State Switches

LED Ring Knobs

On Face Amp Controls


AX8 - Bass Tones

From our METAL BASS Pack


Easy-to-Use Front Panel Amp Controls

Hands-on editing has never been easier than on the AX8. Dedicated LED-ring knobs give direct access to eight “must-have” amp controls: Drive, Bass, Mid, Treble, Presence, Depth, Master, and Level. Add to this five additional “soft knobs” beneath a brilliant LCD display, six buttons, including SHIFT for extra functions, front-panel LED meters/indicators, 27 LEDs in three colors, and dedicated knobs for output levels.

Superb Speaker Simulation

The AX8 features a high resolution speaker simulator with 150+ “Factory” models and room for 512 “User” cab locations. The Cab Block is the key to “direct” tone — able to reproduce the sound of a cranked, properly mic’d amp at any volume without the variables that normally plague such setups in a live or studio setting (inconsistent sound, mic leakage, insane volume requirements, etc.). Factory cabs include selections from our own collection of professionally produced Cab-Packs, plus selections by today’s top artists, engineers, and 3rd party IR designers like RedWirez and OwnHammer. You’ll find a superb variety of cab and speaker sizes representing the greatest brands from history and the present day. You can even create your own User Cabs, with built-in tools to capture the sound of any speaker. In addition, we offer Cab-Lab, an IR mixer and tools application for Mac and Windows, designed specifically for those who want to create their own custom IR blends (like a producer or engineer might do with different mics on the same speaker).

Exquisite Effects

In addition to industry leading amp modeling, the AX8 is an incredibly powerful and flexible multi-effects processor, with ultra-realistic recreations of classic stomp boxes and rack processor effects. Effect models can be dialed in with a single knob to make all required settings for great sound in seconds, or tweaked at the deepest level with a completely modular approach. Like our amps, effects sound and feel great, with very musical response to enhance and inspire.


  • All of the amp models from the Axe-Fx II

  • Hundreds of Speaker Cab Sims

  • 29+ Drive Pedal models

  • Dozens of Delays

  • 19 Reverb types

  • Totally customizable Wah

  • Highly customizable Whammy

  • Fixed and Intelligent Harmony

  • Shimmer, Crystals, etc.

  • Phaser & Uni-Vibe

  • Flanger, Chorus

  • Panner/Tremolo

  • Rotary Speaker

  • 7 powerful Filter types

  • Graphic & Parametric EQs

  • 4 Compressor types

  • Limitier/Gate

  • Front-end Noise Gate

  • Mono Guitar Synth

  • Built in Looper

  • New “true” Tape Echo

  • And more…

The AX8 also offers impressively flexible effects routing, with the ability to build accurate recreations of an entire rig of pedals and processors, plus designs never possible before now. In addition, it offers powerful realtime automation and control, with outstanding MIDI support and a great range of other control options (sweepy LFOs, dynamic Envelopes, a sequencer, two onboard pedal jacks, and more.)

Great I/O Capabilities and Ultra Low Noise

The AX8 offers a range of essential input and outputs. Rear panel Instrument IN with Fractals own "Secret Sauce" circuitry. MIDI In and Out/Thru for external rig control. XLR and 1/4" balanced outs for main outputs, as well as a second pair of 1/4" balanced outs for use as an FX loop OR alternative 2nd output. Pair of instrument 1/4" INs for use as an FX Return or second input. 4 x 1/4" jacks for additional Foot pedals like the FAS EV-1

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