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#PresetADay - MAY 2019

FREE Professional, Drag & Drop, Time Saving Presets for your AXE FX and AX8

from trusted Official Fractal Audio Content Creation Partner - Silent Underground Studio !

#PresetADay May 2019

Has Now Ended !


Check out the FULL 40 Preset Pack


Each FULL #PresetADay Pack includes all 30 days Presets PLUS 10 Additional BONUS Presets that are ONLY available in each pack !


What Is #PresetADay?

During a Preset A Day month, we will offer 1 Free preset - every day - for 1 full month.

The catch?


Each preset is STRICTLY only available for 24 hours before it is removed as a FREE download - Forever.

What this means is...

During a PresetADay month, you will need to return to THIS page each day, to gain access to the FREE preset.

PaD - April 2016.png
PresetADay May 2019 - AXE FX II presets.png


What If I Miss A Day ?

Don't worry, if you do happen to miss a day or two, we also offer each months #PresetADay collection as a full preset pack that can be purchased.


Each FULL Pack includes ALL FREE Presets and Cabs from a given month.

PLUS a collection of BONUS Presets that will never be offered for FREE.

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