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Fractal Audio Systems AXE FX II (XL Plus)

AXE FX II XL+ Front Silent Underground.p

XL+ Preamp/FX Processor

The XL+ is the ultimate Axe-Fx II all-in-one preamp/effects processor. It contains a vast virtual inventory of hundreds of vintage and modern guitar amps, speaker cabinets, guitar stompbox and studio effects, and more. It accurately recreates the sound and feel of tube amps and can “tone match” the sound of your live amp or a recording. It is ideal for both stage and studio use, with heavy-duty construction and a high-quality, low-noise design. The Axe-Fx II has superb sound with great power and flexibility, offering many improvements over traditional guitar amps and effects, including extremely light weight, precise sound control, computer integration, very simple rig design possibilities, and more. Despite its advanced technology, it is remarkably easy to use.

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