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Fractal Audio AXE FX II and AX8

Taken from our #PresetADay August 2016

Sansamp Bass Driver Style Preset

Based on the tone used for #PresetADay

We have had a bunch of people wanting the Bass Preset we use for our #PresetADay videos, but unfortunately we were going direct to DAW with our trusty Sansamp Bass Driver and using a Waves SSL Channel Strip plugin for EQ and a Waves CLA-76 compressor for compression.

I sat down and modelled the tone so that everyone can load it straight into their AXE FX II / XL and AX8 units.


This preset is a #PresetADay Bonus and will remain FREE

Thank you for your on going support !!

Bass used for demo was an ESP LTD B-4B on the Bridge only setting with no additional EQ engaged on the bass.

#PresetADay presets use a Custom UltraRes IR we have created - This combats future firmware changes messing up the sounds of these presets so you can enjoy them for years to come !!

All sounds from the Fractal Audio Systems AXE FX 2 or Fractal AX8.



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