JOSE MOD Pack [Version 2]

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BACK WHEN spandex was all the rage and dedicated hi-gain amplifiers were not yet common place, mods were required to get your amp breathing FIRE. This amp pack aims to replicate the moddified setup of an array of PLEX amps to get your 80s hi-gain tone fix.


Jose Mod 1959SLP Jump

Jose Mod 1959SLP Treble

Jose Mod 1987X Jump

Jose Mod 1987X Treble

Jose Mod Plex 100W 1970

Jose Mod Plex 100W Jump

Jose Mod Plexi 50W 6550

Jose Mod Plexi 50W Hi 1

Jose Mod Plexi 50W Hi 2

Jose Mod Plexi 50W Jump

JOSE MOD Presets - 5 Scene

Scene 1 = Clean

Scene 2 = Crunch

Scene 3 = Rhythm
Scene 3 = Lead
Scene 3 = Wah Lead


We understand the frustration of lost time programming presets, capturing cabinet IRs, and configuring complex setups for modern guitar processors. That is why we spend the time making Preset Packs that help you SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

JOSE MOD [V2] - AXE FX 2 (10 Presets)

$20.00 Regular Price
$16.00Sale Price
  • AXE FX 2 / XL / XL+ with Firmware Ares 2.0 and newer

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