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Customer Testimonials

Hear what people have to say about Silent Underground Studio

Fractal Audio / Metallica

Services: Content Creation Partner

Hi Dan,

I've got news that is sure to make you smile.


James Hetfield has seen all of your Metallica album tone match videos and from what his guitar tech told me he thought they were really cool. It sounds like those videos were a helpful contributor towards getting him excited about checking out the Axe-FX II. He even mentioned the idea of using the Axe-FX II to blend some of the "album" tone into his live tone when they play songs from different eras. 


So a big congrats to you and big thank you for all your videos and contributions to the Axe-FX II community.


- Adam Cook / Fractal Audio

Metallica Fractal Audio Silent Underground Studio
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Des Sherwood

Services: Album Mastering

"I was told about Silent Underground Studio from a friend when I was making my album at home. So I got in touch with Daniel and knew I’d made the right choice from the start. He got to know the sound I wanted and after that, pretty much all of the tracks that he mastered for me didn’t need any revisions.


He would often give me advice about EQ and compression to work on for my tracks to send him (which I didn’t know much about at the time) but he never made me feel stupid, just kept giving me great info and advice and was very patient with me. You don’t get that kind of customer support from everyone.


His knowledge and skills are very impressive and there is no question about me going anywhere else when I finish my next album. I look forward to working with him again when my next album is done and to hear my songs shine with his expertise."


- Des Sherwood.

Des Sherwood The Music Room
That HeadBand Guy

Services: Mixing and Mastering

"After discovering Silent Underground Studio through YouTube and being highly impressed at the quality of audio production, I had them mix and master a track of my own. What I got back was a final master that was absolutely slamming. Big, bold, a huge sense of depth and crystal-clear clarity. Fantastic communication throughout the entire process.


This initial experience solidified SUS as my goto mix and master service for my YouTube videos such as "Battery with every Slayer tone". Reliable and a quality end product always delivered. Highly recommended"

- Mike "That HeadBand Guy" Stevenson

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Des Sherwood The Music Room
Chasing The Goat

Services: Re-Amping, Mixing and Mastering

"Silent Underground Studio is a one stop shop for all my mixing a mastering needs. Anything from re-amping to editing all in the one place. I can focus on writing and rocking out knowing that my songs are in good hands"

- Roan / Chasing the Goat

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Chasing The Goat
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Gutter Tactic

Services: Full Drum Replacement,

Mixing and Mastering

"Gutter Tactic worked with Daniel on our debut album released mid 2013 – He did a great job turning our DIY recordings into quality material that we could actually put on the market and sell. Not only did he mix and master, but he also remapped the drums that were almost beyond repair. It would have been a massive job and the end result was more than amazing.


3 years later we are still impressed with his workmanship and would recommend him to anyone."


-Nick (Gutter Tactic)

Gutter Tactic Self Titled Album
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Josh Kraft

Services: Custom AXE FX II Preset Creation / Custom Tone Match

"Daniel is the reason I bought a Fractal Audio Axe FX II in the first place. After witnessing his tone clone series on YouTube, I knew Daniel could help me find the tones I needed for the various bands I was juggling.


It's nothing short of completely terrifying on how he nails any tone you throw at him. After the first tone clone he made for me, I was hooked.


Shut up and take my money would be a understatement.


Not to mention, Daniel is a really sweet guy, and goes the extra mile for his customers. It's great to have minimal gear to lug around, but to have minimal gear that sounds great, and produces custom made tones covering various music genres and styles? That's something else. Daniel can make any tone you want into a reality."


- Josh Kraft

Josh Kraft AXE FX II
Victor Brilon

Services: Custom AXE FX II Preset Creation / Custom Tone Match

"I've been an Axe FX II owner for a number of years and have always struggled to get the quality of tone out of that magical box that Ive seen and heard others do.


I knew the potential was there but I didn't have the knowledge (or the time frankly) to make it be as good as it could be.


After seeing some of Daniel's posts, I decided to have him craft a few tones for me based on a few songs that my band plays. We're a 100% cover band, and getting the right tone is absolutely critical to making the song sound authentic.


In an incredibly short amount of time, he turned around tones for me which not only sounded great, but complemented the specific guitars I was using, and properly EQ'ed for gig sound levels.


It was a tremendous relief to finally hear my Axe FX sound as good as I knew it could.


In addition to everything else, Daniel is awesome at paying attention to little details and is great to work with -- he asks the right questions, follows up on the things that need fixing, and really makes you feel like he's part of your team.


It's great to have someone that knowledgeable and skilled in your corner."

- Victor Brilon

Josh Kraft AXE FX II
Brendan Whelan

Product: AXE FX II Preset Packs

"I just bought two of your preset packs for my AXE FX II XL+.


I like your marketing idea of not wasting time programming, just sound like a rockstar.


What I didn't expect was just how fantastic your presets are. I have actual tube amps that don't sound as good as some of your amp tones.


I also like that they include 4 scenes, which is exactly how I use presets - Clean, Crunch, Rhythm and Lead.


Beautifully executed, and very reasonable prices. They make me so excited to play my guitars.


Thank you so much!!


Best regards,


Josh Kraft AXE FX II
Jim Lawrence

Product: AXE FX II Preset Packs

"Great sounding presets and amp cabs. I've tried most of the third-party patches, these are the best ones I've found.


Thoroughly done in comparison to some that just slap this stuff together. I learned a lot from them AND found patches that are useful to me as-is.


Well worth the money IMHO.


And I don't give positive reviews lightly, in fact the only vendor I've endorsed."


Jim Lawrence

Josh Kraft AXE FX II
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