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Custom Tone Matched Presets for your Fractal Audio AXE FX III / AX FX II / AX8
We would love to offer 1000s of custom made, tone matched preset packs on our site, available at the click of a mouse with instant download for the exact tones you are searching for...
Unfortunately, there is no way for us to provide a product for every different guitarist, in every different style, for every different Fractal device.
It also leaves us venerable to trademarking issues when trying to advertise and sell such products.
That is why we have re-opened our Fractal Audio Custom Presets Shop.
So that we can offer custom tone matched AX8, AXE FX III, and AXE FX II presets.
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to Build Your Custom Tone Matched Preset
1. Isolated Guitar / Bass Samples
To correctly create a tone matched preset it is imperative for us to first have an isolated segment of the guitar or bass recording that you want recreated.

YOU will need to provide us with 1 of the 2 following options:

1 - Isolated Master Track (File or Link)
What is an Isolated Master Track ?
- OR -
2 - Song Segment Time Code (File or Link)
What is a Song Segment Time Code ? - LINK TO BE ADDED SOON
Silent Underground Studio will no longer be offering the service of scanning albums / songs to find potential isolated segments to work with on behalf of our customers.
It is far too time consuming for us to handle given the volume of orders we receive for custom tone matches. It also adds unnecessary cost to the process that can be simply avoided with a quick google / Youtube search before making your booking.
** If you would like more information on HOW TO find Isolated Master / Stem tracks for tone matching, please visit this page: LINK TO BE ADDED SOON
2. Original Gear Research
If you need the preset to exactly match the original signal chain (as a digital recreation) that was used to create the tone you are searching for, please provide us with a list of gear that was used for the tone.
This step is certainly not necessary, but if this info is not provided we will select appropriate AMPs and FX we deem suitable to best recreate the sound you are searching for.

Given that we do not know what every guitarist has used on every album ever recorded, this may mean we will use a different amp or pedal type to the original recording. If this is important to you, or will plain bother you, make sure to first do your research.


You can alternatively suggest us any AMP that you would prefer.
If you know that band X used AMP Y to record a certain song, BUT, you happen to prefer AMP Z instead, let us know and we will gladly substitute your amp of choice for the tone matching process.
3. Correct Speaker Type for Tone Matched Presets
Tone Matched Presets can only be used in full range systems, so if you are intending to use your device with a power amp and REAL guitar cabinet, a Tone-Matched preset will NOT work for you.
It would roughly be the equivalent of trying to play a CD through a guitar speaker. Obviously, not a good sound. A guitar speaker does not have the full range of frequency response required to reproduce a recorded tone - Which is essentially what a Tone Match is doing.
Tone Matching will work with the following setups:
Headphones, In-Ear Monitors, Studio Speakers, FRFR Speakers, PA Speakers, PA Foldback / Monitors, Front Of House PA Systems etc...
If In Doubt...
Ask yourself... "Could I play a CD through this system and still get a decent sound??" If yes, it will probably work with Tone Matched presets.
Tone Matched presets
Tone Matched presets
Tone Matched presets
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1. Service includes ONE TM Cab and ONE Custom Preset.
PER Tone Match Required
2. We no longer offer multi-scene custom presets.
It is up to the user to do any preset consolidation
3. We will not scan albums for TM sections
You MUST provide the isolated track or section - See Above
4. AX8 Tone Matched presets incur a higher cost
AX8 TMs require more work and therefor have a slightly higher cost.
5. Custom Services have been limited to Tone Matching ONLY
At this time we have too many bookings to work on EVERY project. Limiting to strictly Tone Matched presets helps us focus our work flow and allows us to reduce our prices.