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DUAL AMPS VOL 1 features 20 presets with SPLIT stereo dual amp configuarions. All presets available in 2 Modes REGULAR and ENHANCED. Enhanced has further stereo widening, with all amps and ODs set to ONLY recieved and process a left or right signal.



5153 100w Red v Plex 50w Jump

Big Hair v Brit Brown

Bogfish Strato v HBE V2

Brit 800 Mod v Diz V4 Silver 3

Brit 800 v Friedman HBE

Citrus RV50 v Euro Uber

Comet 60 v Hot Kitty

Div13 CJ Boost v A30 Dirty

Euro Blue Mod v 5153 50w Blue

Euro Blue Modern v Shiver Lead

Euro Uber v Diz V4 Blue 3

Herb CH2+ v Diz V4 Blue 3

Hook 3A v Triptik Modern

JVM OD1 Green v CCV 1B

LD2 Yellow v Diz V4 Blue 3

Plex 50 6550 v USA IIC++

Plex 50w High 1 v JVM OD2 Green

Plex 100w Norm v Brit JM45

Recto1 Org Nrm v Brit 800

USA IIC++ v Diz V4 Silver 3

Dual Amps Vol 1 Presets - 8 Scene

Scene 1 = Clean

Scene 2 = Clean Mod
Scene 3 = Clean Ambi

Scene 4 = Crunch

Scene 5 = Crunch Wet

Scene 6 = Rhythm

Scene 7 = Solo

Scene 8 = Solo Wah



Our custom interactive DRIVE block features pitch tracking for BOOST and TONE controls, allowing for tight and aggressive rhythm playing when down low, and searing vocal like leads when playing up high.


We understand the frustration of lost time programming presets, capturing cabinet IRs, and configuring complex setups for modern guitar processors. That is why we spend the time making Preset Packs that help you SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

Dual Amps Vol 1 - AXE FX 3 (20 Presets)

$30.00 Regular Price
$24.00Sale Price
  • AXE FX 3 with Firmware Ares 14.00 and newer

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