TX GRIND BASS Pack [Version 3]

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These presets can also be found in our BASS COLLECTION Pack.


AGGRESSIVE and grindy, bass tones that go from modulated crystal cleans to all out full gain annihilation.  As you move through the 5 scenes, more parallel distortion is blended in while the output of a clean Blackglass 7K Preamp is slightly reduced to keep voume balanced.


TX GRIND - 59 Bassguy [V3]

TX GRIND - 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - 65 Bassguy Norm [V3]

TX GRIND - 1959SLP Jump [V3]

TX GRIND - 1987X Jump [V3]

TX GRIND - Citrus Bass 200 [V3]

TX GRIND - FAS Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - Porta-Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - SV Bass 1 [V3]

TX GRIND - SV Bass 2 [V3]

TX GRIND - Tube Pre [V3]

TX GRIND - USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

TX GRIND - USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

TX GRIND Presets - 5 Scene

Scene 1 = CLEAN

Scene 2 = GRIT

Scene 3 = GRIND

Scene 4 = LETHAL



We understand the frustration of lost time programming presets, capturing cabinet IRs, and configuring complex setups for modern guitar processors. That is why we spend the time making Preset Packs that help you SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

TX GRIND BASS [V3] - AXE FX 3 (13 Presets)

$23.00 Regular Price
$18.40Sale Price
  • AXE FX 3 with Firmware Ares 14.01 and newer

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