METAL BASS Pack [Version 3]

Audio Samples Coming Soon.

These presets can also be found in our BASS COLLECTION Pack.


ADD POWER to your rhythm guitarists with gritty, pushed amp tones sure to build a wall of sound in your mix. Each rig splits your signal into 2 chains allowing for a DRY signal to blend back with distorted tones. This method keeps your LOW END in tact when the DISTORTION and WAH scenes are engaged.


METAL 59 Bassguy [V3]

METAL 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

METAL 65 Bassguy Normal [V3]

METAL 1959SLP Jump [V3]

METAL 1987X Jump [V3]

METAL Citrus Bass 200 [V3]


METAL Porta-Bass [V3]

METAL SV Bass 1 [V3]

METAL SV Bass 2 [V3]

METAL Tube Pre [V3]

METAL USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

METAL USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

METAL Presets - 7 Scene

Scene 1 = RAW

Scene 2 = CRUNCH

Scene 3 = HI-GAIN

Scene 4 = HI-GAIN WAH

Scene 5 = PHASER

Scene 6 = FLANGER

Scene 7 = CHORUS


We understand the frustration of lost time programming presets, capturing cabinet IRs, and configuring complex setups for modern guitar processors. That is why we spend the time making Preset Packs that help you SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

METAL BASS [V3] - AXE FX 3 (13 Presets)

$23.00 Regular Price
$18.40Sale Price
  • AXE FX 3 with Firmware Ares 14.01 and newer

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