BRIT Pack [Version 3]

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BRIT AMP Models run the full spectrum from bluesy breakup, to ultra hi-gain modern metal tones. In this pack we have carefully dialled in each BRIT model with scenes ranging from cleans to all out shred solos, and paired them with our own custom multi mic Cabinet IRs.



 We took our 15 favorite 4x12 cabinets and mangled together the best unique combination for each Amp Pack. The final blended mix was then processed with aggressive use of a SS4K style EQ combined with a P1A style EQ for gut punching tones.


Brit 800 34

Brit 800 Mod

Brit 800

Brit AFS100 1

Brit AFS100 2

Brit Brown

Brit JM45 Jump

Brit JM45

Brit JV OD1 Green

Brit JV OD1 Orange

Brit JV OD1 Red

Brit JV OD2 Green

Brit JV OD2 Orange

Brit JV OD2 Red

Brit Pre.syx Brit Silver

JMPre-1 OD1 BS

JMPre-1 OD1

JMPre-1 OD2 BS

JMPre-1 OD2

JS410 Crunch Orange

JS410 Crunch Red

JS410 Lead Orange

JS410 Lead Red

BRIT Presets - 8 Scene

Scene 1 = Clean

Scene 2 = Clean Mod
Scene 3 = Clean Ambi

Scene 4 = Crunch

Scene 5 = Crunch Wet
Scene 6 = Rhythm
Scene 7 = Lead

Scene 8 = Wah Lead



Our custom interactive DRIVE block features pitch tracking for BOOST and TONE controls, allowing for tight and aggressive rhythm playing when down low, and searing vocal like leads when playing up high.


We understand the frustration of lost time programming presets, capturing cabinet IRs, and configuring complex setups for modern guitar processors. That is why we spend the time making Preset Packs that help you SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

BRIT [V3] - AXE FX 3 (24 Presets)

$34.00 Regular Price
$27.20Sale Price
  • AXE FX 3 with Firmware Ares 15.01 and newer

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