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What Is An Isolated Master Track ?

TYPE 1 - Audio Clip Required for Tone Matching
There is some confusion about what type of audio track is required in order to CORRECTLY perform a Tone Match of a recording...
The hands down best type of audio track to work with to build a Tone Matched Preset is an Isolated Master Track of the particular instrument you are interested in coping.
An Isolated Master Track will provide the best isolation for the given instrument with many available sections you can work from through out the song.
While this sounds simple enough, there are still a few things that can mess up a Tone Match even if you have the isolated track available
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1. Example of a MERGED Isolated Master Guitar Track
In this example, all guitar tracks including;
Rhythm / Lead / Cleans / Overdubbs / FX etc...
have been merged into a single Stereo Master Guitar Track...
2. Example of a TYPICAL Isolated Guitar Master Track
In this example BOTH Rhythm and Lead guitars are played, but never at the same time. Generally it will be all clean and rhythm parts, except for when solos are played, at which point the rhythm guitars will drop out. Typically overdubs and FX are completely left out.
3. Example of a Rhythm Guitar ONLY Isolated Master Guitar Track
In this example ONLY the Clean and Rhythm Guitars can be heard
Things to watch out for...
Even though you may have found the isolated track of the song you are wanting to copy, there are a few things that will make or break your ability to correctly perform a tone match of the isolated track. Below are the main issues to look out for.
1. Different Left / Right Guitar Tones...
You need to be aware that if a recording has been made with drastically different tones for the Left and Right channels, it may sum down from stereo in an unpleasing way OR may just not sound like the origin due to the combined EQs being summed.
If you want to EXACTLY copy the stereo spread of a recording that has different tones for the Left and Right channels, you will need to purchase 2 Tone Match services, and load each cab into a STEREO cabinet IR block.
Original Tracks
Original Stereo Guitar
(Double Track Recording)
Original Stereo Guitar (Double Track Rec
00:00 / 00:15
Original Stereo Guitar Summed To Mono
Original Stereo Guitar Summed To