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Current Monthly STUDIO SERVICE Specials

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Studio Service Specials

Here you will find a collection of monthly discounts on our various online studio services.


These specials will vary month to month based on our current work loads.

Because these are time based services, the specials are strictly of a first come first served nature.

If there is a Maximum customer allowance it will be stated next to the service that is discounted.


 (ONLY 2 EP Packages Remaining !!) 

Custom EP Mix and Master Package

$350 Per Package

- SAVE over $200 -

Includes Mixing and Master of up to 4 Songs OR 28 minutes of song/s (which ever comes first)


This service is used when you have pre-recorded audio tracks to be mixed and mastered.

What we do:

* Setup unique mixing project.

* Setup FX send and returns for project.

* Level track volumes for mix.

* Apply corrective EQ where needed.

* Clean up any clicks, hums and other noises.

* Saturate, EQ, Compress etc each track as needed.

* Apply FX Sends and Returns for Time based FX.

* Manually Automate entire project.

* Seperate Project Mastering of Final Mix.

What you get:

1 Wav audio file - Fully Mixed with faux Mastering.

1 Wav audio file - Fully Mixed with NO Mastering.

1 Wav audio file - Fully Mixed AND Mastered.

Please Note: This package DOES NOT include Re-amping / Vocal correction / Drum quantization / MIDI Programming / Session recording services / Or any advanced editing service.

These services CAN be added - at a discounted rate - JUST ASK !

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