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Silent Underground Studio

Current Monthly STUDIO SERVICE Specials

Save on various studio services TODAY !!
Silent Underground Studio Online Mixing Services

Studio Service Specials

Here you will find a collection of monthly discounts on our various online studio services.


These specials will vary month to month based on our current work loads.

Because these are time based services, the specials are strictly of a first come first served nature.

If there is a Maximum customer allowance it will be stated next to the service that is discounted.



$200 Album Mastering Package

Save Up To $200

About This Service

Includes Mastering of up to 10 Songs OR 70 minutes of audio (which ever comes first)


This service is used when you have a previously mixed stereo audio files.

Max individual song length is 7 minutes

- Ask us about longer songs -




What We Send You Back

1 x fully mastered .wav file.

1 x fully mastered Hi Quality .mp3 file.

What We Do For Your Song

Remove stray resonant peaks.

Add harmonic colour and excitement.

Add punch, and glue through compression.

Apply overall wide band shaping EQ​.

Manually automate volume levelling.

Final limiting.



Please Note

This package does not include any additional editing services like vocal correction, re-amping, or mixing services.


This is a purely a MASTERING service.


Please see our other service pages for details on the additional editing services we offer.

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