Metal Bass Pack [Version 3]
87 x multi-scene presets divided in 7 genre sets

Set up for: DAW, Monitors, FRFR, FOH
Firmware: Ares 12.07
Cabinet IRs: 7 Custom Cabinet IRs
Scene Switching: Various per preset set

We know that your time is valuable.
We know all too well the frustration of lost time trying to program presets, create tone matched cabinet IRs and configure setups for complex modern guitar processors like the AXE FX II. That is why we spend the time making these Preset packs for you, so you can SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

Preset List:

BG7K 59 Bassguy [V3]

BG7K 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

BG7K 65 Bassguy Normal [V3]

BG7K 1959SLP Jump [V3]

BG7K 1987X Jump [V3]

BG7K Citrus Bass 200 [V3]

BG7K FAS Bass [V3]

BG7K Porta-Bass [V3]

BG7K SV Bass 1 [V3]

BG7K SV Bass 2 [V3]

BG7K Tube Pre [V3]

BG7K USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

BG7K USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

DiiG - 5153 100w Red [V3]

DiiG - Angle Severe 1 [V3]

DiiG - Brit 800 [V3]

DiiG - Citrus RV50 [V3]

DiiG - Euro Uber [V3]

DiiG - FAS Brootalz [V3]

DiiG - FAS Skull Crusher [V3]

DiiG - Friedman BE [V3]

DiiG - Recto2 Red Modern [V3]

DiiG - Shiver Lead [V3]

DiiG - USA IIC++ [V3]

DJENT - 5153 100w Red [V3]

DJENT - Angle Severe 1 [V3]

DJENT - Brit 800 [V3]

DJENT - Citrus RV50 [V3]

DJENT - Euro Uber [V3]

DJENT - FAS Brootalz [V3]

DJENT - FAS Skull Crusher [V3]

DJENT - Friedman BE [V3]

DJENT - Recto2 Red Modern [V3]

DJENT - Shiver Lead [V3]


METAL 59 Bassguy [V3]

METAL 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

METAL 65 Bassguy Normal [V3]

METAL 1959SLP Jump [V3]

METAL 1987X Jump [V3]

METAL Citrus Bass 200 [V3]


METAL Porta-Bass [V3]

METAL SV Bass 1 [V3]

METAL SV Bass 2 [V3]

METAL Tube Pre [V3]

METAL USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

METAL USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

ROCK 59 Bassguy [V3]

ROCK 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

ROCK 65 Bassguy Normal [V3]

ROCK 1959SLP Jump [V3]

ROCK 1987X Jump [V3]

ROCK Citrus Bass 200 [V3]

ROCK FAS Bass [V3]

ROCK Porta-Bass [V3]

ROCK SV Bass 1 [V3]

ROCK SV Bass 2 [V3]

ROCK Tube Pre [V3]

ROCK USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

ROCK USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

THRASH 59 Bassguy [V3]

THRASH 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

THRASH 65 Bassguy Normal [V3]

THRASH 1959SLP Jump [V3]

THRASH 1987X Jump [V3]

THRASH Citrus Bass 200 [V3]


THRASH Porta-Bass [V3]

THRASH SV Bass 1 [V3]

THRASH SV Bass 2 [V3]

THRASH Tube Pre [V3]

THRASH USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

THRASH USA Bass 400 2 [V3]

TX GRIND - 59 Bassguy [V3]

TX GRIND - 65 Bassguy Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - 65 Bassguy Norm [V3]

TX GRIND - 1959SLP Jump [V3]

TX GRIND - 1987X Jump [V3]

TX GRIND - Citrus Bass 200 [V3]

TX GRIND - FAS Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - Porta-Bass [V3]

TX GRIND - SV Bass 1 [V3]

TX GRIND - SV Bass 2 [V3]

TX GRIND - Tube Pre [V3]

TX GRIND - USA Bass 400 1 [V3]

TX GRIND - USA Bass 400 2 [V3]


BG7K Presets are 6 Scene

Scene 1 = BG7K Preamp

Scene 2 = GRIT

Scene 3 = GRIND

Scene 4 = BG7K Wide

Scene 5 = Grit Wide

Scene 6 = Grind Wide


DiiG Presets are 3 Scene

Scene 1 = DiiG

Scene 2 = CHUNK

Scene 3 = MUDD


DJENT Presets are 5 Scene

Scene 1 = DJENT

Scene 2 = GRIND

Scene 3 = BG7K DI

Scene 4 = DSUB

Scene 5 = XTREME


METAL Presets are 7 Scene

Scene 1 = RAW

Scene 2 = CRUNCH

Scene 3 = HI-GAIN

Scene 4 = HI-GAIN WAH

Scene 5 = PHASER

Scene 6 = FLANGER

Scene 7 = CHORUS


ROCK Presets are 8 Scene

Scene 1 = RAW

Scene 2 = CRUNCH

Scene 3 = PHASER

Scene 4 = FLANGER

Scene 5 = CHORUS





THRASH Presets are 4 Scene

Scene 1 = GRIND


Scene 3 = WAH SOLO

Scene 4 = CLEAN


TX GRIND Presets are 5 Scene

Scene 1 = CLEAN

Scene 2 = GRIT

Scene 3 = GRIND

Scene 4 = LETHAL


Cab IRs:

BG7K Bass Cab

DiiG Bass Cab

Djent Bass Cab

Metal Bass Cab

Rock Bass Cab

Thrash Bass Cab

TX Grind Bass Cab

Disclaimer and Legal:
Please first know HOW to use your hardware / software BEFORE purchasing our products. These presets are designed and tested to work in any standard setup of the units listed above without need for additional processing. Please understand we can not walk each customer through the installation process one on one. No refunds are given on digital products.


This is strictly a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product only. Any reference to trademarked brand, band, or equipment names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes only. No external brand is, in any way, affiliated with Silent Underground Studio - Unless noted.


Limited Lifetime Support:

We will offer FREE support, and updates for this product when required* for as long as the product is advertised as AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. We reserve the right to terminate a product, or product line without notice at anytime. Should a product be terminated, we will no longer offer support, updates, or offer re-download links for that product.

** We will update this pack as required due to FAS Firmware Changes.Please note that not every new FAS FW requires an update.


Pack Version Releases:

FREE Updates are not included with new Version Releases. Moving from V1 to V2 version does not include a FREE update, but an upgrade / cross grade coupon will be supplied. A pack moves to a new Version number when the pack has been significantly changed for a new release. This can include but is not limited to when presets are reconfigured, new cabs are added, or new presets are added, unrelated to Firmware changes.



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Metal Bass [V3] - AXE FX 3 (87 Presets - 7 Cab IRs)

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