Custom Cleans Vol 1 - AXE FX 3

16 x multi-scene amp model presets!


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Set up for: DAW, FRFR, FOH


Firmware: FW 12.03

Cabinet IRs: Factory Cabs



This AMP Pack includes 16 custom built amplifiers that all use the “CA3+ CLEAN” AMP as a base.We have taken the advanced settings from each corresponding Hi-Gain amplifier and applied those settings, along with the correct preamp tone stack to create 16 custom built and unique sounding clean amplifiers previously not available in the AXE FX.



We know that set up can be time consuming and frustrating. You've spent good money on top-shelf gear but don't have the time (or patience) for the steep learning curve. Our preset packs have been created to get you the best tones with no fuss or tweaking required. SAVE TIME - SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR



Custom Clean - 5153 100w

Custom Clean - 6160 BLOCK

Custom Clean - Angle Severe

Custom Clean - Bogfish Strato

Custom Clean - Brit 800

Custom Clean - Brit AFS100

Custom Clean - Brit JM45

Custom Clean - Brit Super

Custom Clean - Cammeron CCV

Custom Clean - Comet 60

Custom Clean - Dizzy V4 Silver.

Custom Clean - Energyball

Custom Clean - Euro Blue Modern

Custom Clean - Euro Red Modern

Custom Clean - Euro Uber

Custom Clean - FAS Brown


To access all sounds in these presets, please switch the SCENEs on your unit.

These presets are configured into 8 scenes.


Scene 1 = Clean Verb

Scene 2 = Clean Chorus

Scene 3 = Clean Phase

Scene 4 = Clean Flanger

Scene 5 = Clean Rotary

Scene 6 = Clean Chorus Phase

Scene 7 = Clean Chorus Flange

Scene 8 = Clean Ambient


Please first know HOW to use your hardware / software BEFORE purchasing our products. These presets are designed and tested to work in any standard setup of the units listed above without need for additional processing. Please understand we can not walk each customer through the installation process one on one. A basic installation walk thru is included in the READ ME file of this product. No refunds are given on digital products.


This is strictly a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product only.


Any reference to trademarked brand, band, or equipment names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes only. No external brand is, in any way, affiliated with Silent Underground Studio - Unless noted.


Limited Lifetime Support:
We will offer FREE support, and updates as required for this product for as long as it is advertised as AVAILABLE TO PURCHASE. We reserve the right to terminate a product, or product line without notice at anytime. Should a product be terminated, we will no longer offer support or updates for that product.

Custom Cleans Vol 1 - AXE FX 3 (16 Presets)

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