ANGEL [Version 2] Amp Pack (KPA)

9 x Hi-Gain Amp Profiles

✅ Merged Profiles

✅ Works with Real Guitar Cabs

✅ Works with FRFR

✅ Works Direct to PA

✅ Works Direct for Recording



These presets were dialed in during a live session along with bass and drums, then tweaked to fit the mix without additional EQ Blocks. The goal is to work with your band LIVE or IN A MIX, without changing the true sound of the amp to do so.

We know that your time is valuable.

We know all too well the frustration of lost time trying to program presets, create tone matched cabinet IRs and configure setups for complex modern guitar processors like the Kemper. That is why we spend the time making these Preset packs for you, so you can SAVE TIME & SOUND LIKE A ROCKSTAR !!

Included Profiles:
Angle Severe 1 a - No EQ
Angle Severe 1 b - Boogie EQ

Angle Severe 1 c - 8 Band EQ
Angle Severe 2 a - No EQ
Angle Severe 2 b - Boogie EQ
Angle Severe 2 c - 8 Band EQ
Energyball a - No EQ
Energyball b - Boogie EQ
Energyball c - 8 Band EQ


Disclaimer and Legal:
Please first know HOW to use your hardware / software BEFORE purchasing our products. These presets are designed and tested to work in any standard setup of the units listed above without need for additional processing. Please understand we can not walk each customer through the installation process one on one. A basic installation walk thru is included in the READ ME file of this product. No refunds are given on digital products. This is strictly a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD product only. 


Any reference to trademarked brand, band, or equipment names is strictly for comparison and descriptive purposes only. No external brand is, in any way, affiliated with Silent Underground Studio - Unless noted.

ANGEL [Version 2] Amp Pack (KPA)

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