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ML Sound Lab USA Djent Cab IR Pack

Download the AXE FX II and AX8 presets used in our example videos

How We Picked the Cabs for our blends


I didn't have a huge amount of time to invest in going through all 168 Cabinet IRs for these demos.

Luckily for me, I didn't need to spend a lot of time on it because every Cab I tried sounded good right away.


A testament to the product and ML Sound Labs !


After downloading the IR pack I quickly read through the included info packet to see what I was dealing with. To be completely honest, I did not know very much about this particular Cab pack before I got it, other than it being based around a Mesa Recto Cabinet of course.

What I found in the info packet was that all 4 Celestion Vintage 30 speakers were individually captured with multiple distances and Mics PLUS additional pre-mixed Cabs.

After I knew what I was working with, I jumped straight to the individual mic folder and started loading groups of each mic type into Cab Lab to "audition" with my AXE FX II mkII.

I went through each Mic type and picked out my favourites based on nothing more than what sounded best on its own compared to the others with the preset I decided to test on

(the Rockerverb patch included below).

As is the case in real life, some mics sounded better on 1 of the various 4 speakers and unless you are familiar with mic'd cabs you may be surprised with the some what extreme differences each speaker has in terms of tone.

After I had picked out my favourite 5 IRs (1 for each Mic model included) I started to make blends in Cab Lab that I thought worked well with the Presets I had pre-made.

The Cab Blend Settings We Used in Cab-Lab

While I can't just publicly share the Mic blends I created in CabLab, I can link to a couple of screen grabs so you can replicate the cabs I made for these demos when you buy the pack !

Click each image to enlarge

MIX #1

ML Sound Labs USA Djent MIX 1


MIX #2

ML Sound Labs USA Djent MIX 2


MIX #3

ML Sound Labs USA Djent MIX 3


MIX #4

ML Sound Labs USA Djent MIX 4

Can it do more than Djent ??

One thing I have noticed since putting up these demos is a bunch of people have PM'd me asking if this pack will work for material OTHER THAN Djent !?

It's a cab pack... It is a collection of Cabinet IRs taken from a Mesa Boogie Oversized 4x12.

There is no special "Djent-Sauce" in that. If you dig the sound of a larger cab with V30 speakers, you will definitely dig this cab pack.


But as far as some hidden special Djentiness...

Thats all in your playing, amp and pedal choice, and the way you set up your rig.

Just because it has "Djent" in product title does not mean that this cab pack is only recommended for 8 string, polyrhythmic, percussive styles of music.


Anything that sounds good through a Mesa 4x12" is going to sound great with this cab pack.


Use your ears and not your eyes. Nothing is limited to only one style.



Download The Presets We Made
*Requires the ML USA Djent Cab Pack AND the above 4 Cab Blends.


DOWNLOAD - 5153 100w Red Preset

CAB MIX #2 Demo


DOWNLOAD Friedman HBE Preset

CAB MIX #3 Demo

DOWNLOAD Recto1 RED Preset

CAB MIX #4 Demo

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