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Welcome To Drum Cam DAN



Thanks for stopping by to check out the Drum Cam DAN section of the website.

As you would likely know by now, my name is Dan, and I am the owner and operator of Silent Underground Studio.


You might be thinking, "wait, what the does Silent Underground Studio have to do with DrumCamDAN ??"

Well, for a few years now Silent Underground has focused primarily on guitar related content - from demos to giveaways and even our very own digital product lines.

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With all that in mind, I recently I started getting the "itch" for real drums again and wanted to focus some time and energy on drum related content.

The goal was to build a platform to showcase the drum side of what Silent Underground can and does do, BUT also start showing off some of the drum gear I have acquired over the years, as well as having another creative outlet with original tunes and metal drum covers.

Because I felt it would water down both the guitar and drum related content to have it all clumped together on one massive channel, I decided to start Drum Cam DAN.



Let me take you back to 1994, as an 9 year old kid...

It was in primary school where I had my first live musical experiences - or at least the first one that actually grabbed my attention.


Without knowing anything about music, or what each instrument on stage even was or was doing, I was instantly enamoured with the drums.


Such a loud, rebellious, obnoxious and attitude filled instrument compared to anything else that was on that stage.

Although I didn't pursue music at that time, it stuck with me for the next 3 years until I started going to a high school that had a decent music program / facilities.

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By the time I was 12 years old, I was struggling MIGHTILY to get into any music that was available to me via TV and radio at that time.


The Grunge music of the 90s didn't do it for me at all. Pop music was - and still is - complete and utter garbage.  Everything rock based from the late 70s and 80s seemed like a cheesy, gimmicky pissing contest, and everything old that might have been decent was either so played out I was going to scream, or recorded so damn poorly that it was unlistenable.



All of that went away the day I was handed a cassette of Metallicas Black album.


The second I heard the toms start on the intro for Enter Sandman...  I knew I wanted to listen to METAL.

And I knew I wanted to be a DRUMMER !

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From that point, it was less than a year before I was playing covers of Harvester Of Sorrow and Seek and Destroy in my own band in front of 1000 person audiences - at age 13.

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