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Silent Underground Studio - Online Drum Track Correction

Get Your Drum Multi-Track Recordings Professionally Time Corrected with our Online Drum Track Quantization Services
Silent Underground Studio Online Mixing Services

Online Drum Track Correction

In todays modern music, real drums get judged by their time correct, zero bleed, un-human feeling and theoretically "perfect" drum sampler cousins.

While this is a hot topic amongst engineers and drummers alike, there is no argument that it is more important than ever for your live drum tracks to sound their absolute best to compete in modern music.

We can help reduce that gap between a slightly "loose" feeling drummer, or recordings in less that perfect drum rooms, and the perfect sound people have come to expect by todays music standards.



Multi-Track Drum Correction (Quantization)

$8AUD per 1 minute of audio

For drums recorded to a click track


This service is for when you have a multi-track drum recording that you would like quantized to the BPM that the song was originally recorded to.


This is to correct overall performance issues of the entire multi-track session.

Prices are calculated from total song length NOT track count.
IE, a 1 Minute recording will be $8 regardless if you have:

4 drum tracks or 22 drum tracks.

What we do:

* Cut all tracks universally at logical hitpoints
* Time stretch micro segments to align to the BPM grid

* Crossfade all segments to hide edits

What you get:

1 Wav file for each track you originally sent.

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