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About Us

Silent Underground Studio is an online Mixing and Mastering

facility that was officially opened in 2008.

Since opening we have also branched into Gear Demos, IR Packs,

Custom Presetsas well as audio construction for TV and Film Clips.

Our competitive rates, extensive services and quick turn-around

on productions means we can handle anything from

 Simple guitar re-amping to Full-On mix and mastering of

intensive 200+ track pro studio recordings

…and everything in between!!

We also now offer real session drumming and guitar work as well

as MIDI programming for keys, strings and drums.

We can fix poorly recorded or edited audio tracks, fix timing and pitch issues

as well as perform time correction for multi-track drum recordings.

We can even construct foley audio for videos and clips!!

Please visit our "Rates & Services" page

for a full list of services we now offer!!