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About Us

Silent Underground Studio was "unofficially" opened in 2008 by sound engineer and ex-ZuaDilerium Drummer - Daniel Waldmann. At that time, the goal was to have a small but powerful recording space where professional quality productions could be produced for the lowest possible cost to the customer.

By 2011 the studios workload had dramatically increased due to the expansion of services and growth of social networks. To gain a broader reach online, and attract more potential clients, basic gear demo videos for Youtube started being produced.

Initially using the Line6 HD-Pro, a small but dedicated fan-base began to develop.

It was at this point arrangements with Bmusic Australia were made to start producing higher quality demo videos for various gear they were willing to supply

(Digitech, Kemper etc).

With BMusics help, over a quarter of a million video views were logged in the first 12 months of producing these new demos. This growing popularity helped to form future relationships with, among others, Fractal Audio Systems, EMG Pickups, Orange Amplifiers and Independent Music.

With the studio now being so busy it became hard finding time to operate while also working an external full time day job and studying audio engineering…

Something had to go… And it wasn't going to be music…

Knowing the studio had to "step up" to run full time, a business loan was taken out to help fully upgrade and expand the facility. This meant better gear, better software, better lighting, better cameras - BETTER EVERYTHING!! was "Officially" launched as a fully functioning International Online Mixing and Mastering eStudio at the start of 2012 and while the facility had been drastically improved, and clients were now coming in from all around the world, the core values and same vision still applied from its humble beginnings - To have a facility that could produce high quality products for the lowest possible feasible cost to the customer.

Silent Underground Studio
an eStudio for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime…

Daniel Waldmann
Owner / Operator